What furniture do I need to start a successful salon?

Are you interested in starting a salon? Have you looked at the furniture yet? There are so many options it can be challenging to know what is a necessity and what is extra. You do not have to start out with the best furniture. There are ways to start a salon on a budget.

What furniture is a necessity?

Chairs for waiting

Chairs for stations

Shampoo bowl


Shelving for products, towels, and more

Stations and tools for hair or nails

Reception desk

Desk in the office

Credit card reader

Register for cash payments


The basics are a reception area for customers to sign in and pay for services. There will need to be a phone, register, and card reader in the reception area. You can choose to either use a computerized system to schedule and for accepting payments or you can choose to do it the old school way with a pad to sign in and a register to accept payments. As long as you keep track of your earnings, there is no need to buy a fancy system in the beginning. When your business starts blooming, then you can go out and buy a computer system to help out with the business growth.

You can find deals online for salon furniture. There are classic wall mount salon stations online for around seventy dollars. You can find stylish chairs for around 25-35 dollars. That doesn’t mean that you have to go with those just yet. If you have to buy cheaper chairs and high-quality products and tools. You can always go back and buy chairs when you start increasing your profits. It is common for people to get a small business loan to start salons. They have high start-up costs if you buy high-quality furniture. If you have a lot of money to spend on furniture, then you should get the best you can afford.